Quick Start Guide with Gunbot

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Quick Start Guide Using Gunbot
Have you already gotten your Gunbot license? Are you ready to go into it? If not you could check it out in the shop. Click Here

Remember that Gunbot is not a magic software that would instantly make profits for you, but if you invest the time to learn how it works and how it could benefit you in the long run or even the short terms, you could make the best out of it. Making your trades more efficient even when you are AFK.

What to do when you have already contacted the reseller and have your API activated?

1. Download Gunbot!

You should have been given the download link, and if not, you could download the latest version here.

2. Unpack and Run it


Depending on your computer, whether it’s Windows, macOS, Linux or ARM, unpack and install it. Open the executable then it should show already. that GUI is already deployed in localhost:5000
From there you could already see what Gunbot can do just from it’s GUI. 

Create a Password and remember it. You will be using to access when you’re on mobile or another device. You could also add 2FA to protect your assets. 

Go to the settings now and go to the Trading Exchanges

3. Connect to Trading Exchanges

Input the activated API key that you submitted to your reseller and the API Secret in the bot (You shouldn’t share your API Secret to anyone)
The supported exchanges are Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, CEX, Cryptopia, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, and Poloniex.
Now that you have added the exchange let’s go and configure our strategy by going to the Strategy Configurator.

4. Assigning and Configuring a Trading Strategy

Before we get into trading different trading pairs, it’s time to assign your chosen strategy. If you have Gunbot Standard Edition you have confirming indicators, double up (Dollar Cost Averaging) and Reversal Trading. These additional strategies can be included in other trading methods.
The default trading strategies in Gunbot are already optimized and ready for use. So how the different strategies work would come in another post. Right now, what you need to change are just the Balance settings. Change the Trading Limit to what amount you can afford per trade.
After that, it’s going to be about picking your trading pairs.

5. Adding your Trading Pairs

Now you will choose the different trading pairs on your preferred exchange. If your chosen BASE currency is USD, you should pick USD-XXX pairs. For example, USD-BTC. If you decided BTC as your base currency, then BTC-ETH would be one pair you could add.
I suggest choosing a trading pair where the trading volume is higher than 200 BTC.
After setting all that, you are good to go! Just Start Gunbot Core and you will be trading.
Looking forward to your Gunbot Profits!


Official Reseller of Gunbot | gunbot.ph
Tech Enthusiast | Cryptocurrency User

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