What I did with my 0.19 Bitcoin will shock you!

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Learning Gunbot helped me understand how to trade cryptocurrencies even without any knowledge of trading. I cannot believe how easy it was using Gunbot. 

I bought Gunbot at 0.1 BTC

At first, when I saw Gunbot that it could automatically trade for you, I was a skeptic and thinking can it be effortless? Does the program need my account? Do I have to risk trusting this new program that I encountered? Is it profitable? I will answer this one by one.

1. Does the application need my account?

The answer is No. You wouldn’t have to divulge your username and password. What you need is to generate an API key from your chosen exchange account. The supported exchanges are in the FAQ.

2. Do I have to risk trusting this new program that I encountered?

Gunbot has been around since 2016, and you could see the original Bitcointalk Thread by Gunthar here. You could see that there are a lot of users that have already tried and made profits in Gunbot and you could too.

3. Is it profitable?

Gunbot is not a magic software that automatically gives you profit, but with enough knowledge with it, you could quickly get profits daily up to 2%. It also depends on your balance per trade. The larger the capital, higher return.


It’s worth buying Gunbot if you do not have the time to check charts all day. You need to install it on your computer or a VPS so you could maximize your trading, 24/7. 



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Hey I’m Crwth, and I’ve been a trader and a user of Gunbot for a few years now, and I want to share what I have experienced and strategies that would help you have profitable trades.

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