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Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

Latest Features:

  • Partnered with Binance Exchange
  • More Market Making Tools
  • AutoConfig: Automating stuff like adding high volume trading pairs, bag handling strategies, override pairs and more!

Powered By Gunthy Token

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Easy to Setup

Gunbot is a locally installed software (not a cloud service) to trade on your favorite exchanges for cryptocurrencies automatically. Setting up is easy on all devices, everyone can do it in just a few minutes.

Continuous Development

Endless Development towards the perfect money making machine by all the developers

Preset Trading Strategies

Choose from many preset strategies that have been tested by thousands of users, or create and backtest your strategy.


This is for people who wants to

Gunbot: we aim to build the perfect money machine 

It is To Get Started

No complicated steps to run and install. Support will be there to help you get started.
You will be able to access all exchanges when you buy a license!

Download gunbot

After purchasing Gunbot, download a copy and unpack and install. When purchasing Gunbot, you will also be submitting an API from your chosen exchange.


When your license is activated, You will connect to the exchange by entering your API Key and Secret. Choose a trading strategy then choose a Trading Pair.

run gunbot

If you already set up the trading limit, trading pair, stop loss, confirming indicators in your chosen strategy it’s time to RUN it.

Gunbot Community is Growing

1 +

The Official Gunthy Elite Telegram Group Members and counting!

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community value

When you buy Gunbot, All problems encountered, bugs, concerns we will listen and resolve it. 

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Assistance will be given continuously before and after setting up your Gunbot. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Connected Anywhere

Powerful GUI

Where Manual and Automatic Trading Meet

  • You could see the Portfolio Value, Recent Trades, Wallet Balances, and Active Pairs in the dashboard. Manual trades can be placed on the GUI itself.
  • Once Gunbot is Up and Running, you can connect to from the internet and safely access your settings.
  • When Gunbot is running 24/7, you won't be missing any trades

Minimum Requirements

VPS Recommended


With a Gunbot License, you can access all these exchanges and switch to what exchange you want.

  • Maximum API slot is for Gunbot Ultimate, you could run 5 concurrent exchanges at the same time.


All Gunbot Licenses would be able to trade on all present on future exchanges

  • Gunbot Starter - 1 API Slot, Limited Trading Strategies (No Margin Trading), 400 Gunthy Tokens
  • Gunbot Standard - 1 API Slot, All Trading Strategies, 1000 Gunthy Tokens
  • Gunbot Pro - 3 API Slots, All Trading Strategies, with Add Ons (Backtesting), 1500 Gunthy Tokens
  • Gunbot Ultimate- 5 API Slots, All Trading Strategies, with Add Ons (CryptoSight, Backtesting and TradingView), 2500 Gunthy Tokens

gunbot is easy to install and to run

Easy steps to get started

Installation of Gunbot

After Purchasing Gunbot, you will be given a download link to get the latest version of the software.

You need to extract/unzip the software then run the executable. No additional installation steps as Gunbot is portable.

After running the Executable, you would be asked to create a password to protect your Gunbot Interface. You would be using this password when logging in from another device. For additional security, you could add Two-Factor Authentication.

Connecting to an Exchange

To connect Gunbot to your chosen exchange, you would input your API Key and Secret. For security reasons, this data stored on your local machine. 

Don’t worry if you change exchanges; you could swap your current license to another exchange without a fee! The supported exchanges are Binance, BitMex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, CEX, Cryptopia, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, and Poloniex.

Configuring a Strategy

If you are a beginner to cryptocurrency trading, you can use the preset strategies offered by Gunbot. The strategies are already optimized and ready for use.

If you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader, you could play around with all the buy methods and sell methods plus the confirming indicators. You might find that some of your indicators when you are trading can also be used here.

One important thing to consider in the strategies is the Trading Limit. This will indicate how much funds you are going to risk per trade.

You could do manual trading and let Gunbot calculate your average buy price then sell for profit. The capabilities are endless.

Setting Up Trading Pairs

Gunbot can trade any available pair that your chosen exchange has, for example, BTC-ETH, USDT-BTC, or ETH-XMR.

You could include all the pairs in the exchange if you want, be aware of the trading volumes and price. There is no limit. Choosing a great pair would be considering volumes and regular price swings in the chosen market.

Start Gunbot

Once you Start Gunbot, you could now relax. You could focus optimizing your trades instead of manually entering your orders. Then you could give a priority to other stuff, like family. 

gunbot is all you need

All your Trading Needs

Consistent Trading

No more Emotions involved in trading. Gunbot Executes what you input in the settings. Pick the right Strategy for the right Pairs.

Averaging Bought Price

Whether you are on Manual Trading or Automated Trading, Gunbot will calculate the ABP (Average Bought Price) so that everytime you will sell, you will be in profit!


From installation to continuous product usage, there is 24/7 Support to help you get up and running. Plus! You would be in the Gunbot Elite Group to

Trading View Backtesting Add-On

Paid Gunbot Add-ons (Included in ultimate license)


Backtesting add-oN

Increase your proficiency by backtesting your strategies in TradingView. You could implement alerts from TradingView based on the chart from TradingView, as long as you also have the TradingView Add-On. All is included in the Gunbot Ultimate License.

TradingView add-on

With the Gunbot TradingView add-on you can trade on alerts sent from custom strategies at Tradingview, completely managing your strategy at Tradingview. Gunbot receives trade signals by e-mail and trades accordingly.


CryptoSight is a trade and profitability tracker built for Gunbot. It works to show your profits, track and alert you to trades as they are made, as well as provide a platform for creating trades.

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