Gunbot Tournament in Binance Futures

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The Real Tournament starts with Binance Futures

The Gunbot community has done a great job in the Binance Futures Tournament, achieving Top 20 in the rankings. With this in mind, Gunbot has shown real proof of concept on what the software could do and what it could offer to it’s users. If you have Gunbot, it means you  can compete against Bitcoin Whales. Now, we are proud to start this New Gunbot Permanent Competition. The First Gunbot tournament will start on May 15, 2020 to May 30, 2020 on Binance Futures.

Gunbot GUI Market Maker on a Macbook Air


What is Gunbot Permanent Tournament?

Every month, there would be a sponsor exchange that Gunbot users needs to trade on to join, in this case, it’s Binance Futures. Participants in the tournament can win up to 50,000 USD and an equal amount of Gunthy Tokens.

This Gunbot tournament would be a ranking based competition. The tournament rank is calculated based on your ROI, so it doesn’t matter how many balance you are going to trade, the key to this competition is the ratio between winning and losing trades, it will assign you a PNL% (Profit and Loss’ Percentage) Ratio. The daily ROI statistics of this month’s tournament will be published at

Gunbot Tournament Rules

Gunbot Tournament Rules
  1. Each participant must complete a minimum of 50000 USD generated volume using Gunbot.
  2. You have joined to our Gunbot Tournament Telegram Group. You can message me to include you
  3. Opt-in with your Tournament Nickname
  4. Opt-in towards the Tournament Agreement. (Sharing of profitable strategies)

Where does the tournament prize come from?

As traders use Gunbot for trading, the partner exchanges, Binance, OKEx, Kraken Futures, and KuCoin gives rebates to the users and the total accumulated from the past competitions was around 10,000 USD! The partner exchanges gives rebates because of the generated volume of the Gunbot users, and that’s a lot!

These famous exchanges understand how valuable Gunbot can be that’s why they are supporting these types of competitions. Imagine every time you trade, you have a part of the equal share of the prize pool.

Gunbot Tournament Prize Distribution

The total unlockable prize is 10,000 USD and 40,000 Gunthy Tokens. The total prize would be dependent on the amount of qualified participants.

Gunbot Tournament Prize

Distribution Rankings of Gunbot Tournament Prize

From 50 to 100 qualified participants: unlocked prize is $2000 and 2000 GUNTHY

From 101 to 150 qualified participants: unlocked prize is $5000 and 10000 GUNTHY

From 151 to 200 qualified participants: unlocked prize is $7000 and 20000 GUNTHY

Over 200 qualified participants: unlocked prize is $10000 and 40000 GUNTHY

Learn More about Gunthy Tokens here

How To Participate in the Gunbot Permanent Competition

Joining the 1st Gunbot Permanent Competition is accomplished in 5 Easy Steps 
  1. You need to have a Gunbot License. Buy Your Gunbot Here.
  2. You must be a Binance Futures User that is not Referred. Sign Up here.
  3. Set your Tournament Nickname in Bot Section in your config. “TOURNAMENT_NICKNAME”: “YOUR NICKNAME HERE”
  4. Set your Tournament agreement opt-in in bot section of your config: “TOURNAMENT_AGREEMENT”: “AGREED”
  5. Join the Telegram Group!
Worried about Gunbot Settings? Don’t worry! If you join the competition, you would be invited to a Telegram Group dedicated for the Gunbot Competition. The group is for discussion and sharing of strategies. Additionally, the Top 10 Users in the Gunbot Tournament will be sharing their strategy and approach how they become top 10. 

This is just the beginning of the Gunbot Permanent Competition and there’s more to come! Find yourself participating in the tournament now and join the Gunbot community. 

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! 



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