Frequently Asked Questions

What is gunbot?

Gunbot is a software that allows you to automate your trading on cryptocurrency markets 24/7. Its primary goal is to make trading automatic and make sure you don’t miss a profiting trade.

just starting with gunbot?

After buying, you’re going to be invited to the customer-only Telegram group. You wouldn’t be alone in setting up, especially with the community.

What exchanges are supported now?

Works with: Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Cex, Cryptopia, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, Poloniex, TradingView and more to come!

What is the api key asked during ordering?

An API Key is a way for one piece of software to connect to another. For Gunbot, it allows you to connect to your chosen exchange

Gunbot uses this API Key both to connect to the exchange and as your product license key. 

is it secure to share my api key?

Yes, its safe to share your API key. Just don’t share your API Secret with anyone!

Are there recurring costs?

No. Gunbot is not a subscription service. 

how do we know it's not a scam?

Anything that promises an unbelievable return of profit is either scamming you or just plainly doesn’t understand what they are talking about. Expectations should be set appropriately. Everyone should be aware of this, whether it’s HYIP, Ponzi, and other scamming methods.

Gunbot doesn’t promise any huge profits without work, it is not magic. With the right configuration of settings, it could be a profit generator.

is it profitable?

What Gunbot can do is trade on an established exchange and it can trade while you sleep. You could get rid of your emotions and follow conditions that you have set in your bot. You could take advantage of well tested and highly advanced trading techniques incorporated in Gunbot to efficiently get the right entry points for buys and exit points for sells.  

The Method that Gunbot uses can be used in Manual Trading. Check the Gunbot Wiki Page

it still looks like a scam, where's your promise?

Cryptocurrency and automating your trading (buying Gunbot) doesn’t mean a promise of return. It is NOT a guaranteed return of profit in your portfolio and trading is not gambling where you get your instant returns. Botting is not a magic thing that it gives you your perfect result in every market, coin,  and exchange.

It is a cryptocurrency tool that helps make profitable trades based on your BASE currency. Gunbot can efficiently affect your trades per day, profit per trade, how much risk you are willing to put per trade but it cannot control the bitcoins price, control the market, order book, your portfolio, and your daily profit.

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