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Share on telegram is a new ETH lottery website with an interesting approach and higher win chances than we usually see. The game is based solely on guessing the symbols of a real, upcoming Ethereum block hash. It’s simple and easy to use, but we will write more about that later on. For now, let’s see what we found out after playing for a few hours on 

How Works?

First, we need to commend the developers, as this is one of the most user-friendly gambling websites we have seen.  The process is pretty straightforward; there is no signup or any sort – simply connect your Metamask Ethereum wallet, and you are ready to go. If you don’t have a web wallet for ETH, you can find it here. The wallet is required for interaction with smart contracts and to receive prizes. Once you are logged in to Metamask, you can start playing the game.  If you are planning to use your smartphone to play, then you would need to download the Coinbase wallet from the App Store or Google Play. 

The game is simple and quite genius – you need to guess the last six hex numbers of the block hash that will be generated after your transaction. Users can choose one to six symbols, and fill odd/even numbers and letters. It is possible to bet on the following:

  • A specific symbol (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F);
  • Any letter group (A, B, C, D, E, F);
  • Any number group (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9);
  • Any even number group (0, 2, 4, 6, 8);
  • Any odd number group (1, 3, 5, 7, 9);

Or leave the cell blank. The more specific your bet is, the higher the reward. Use buttons “FREQUENT,” “RARE,” and “RANDOMLY” to select combinations of symbols automatically according to the chance they will appear in the hex.

After filling in the spaces, you can place the bet. The minimum amount for the bet on each symbol is 0.01 ETH. Then all that remains is to wait for the confirmation of the transaction and hopefully, receive the prize.

Winning Chances at

Different lotteries have different winning chances, and typically they vary a lot depending on the gaming structure. Unlike traditional gambling games and lotteries, Ethex has high winning chances, as it allows bets on “any letter,” “odd numbers,” and “even numbers,” meaning that winning chance can be as high as 1:2.7. For example, if you place a bet and choose “any letter” option if your hex number contains any letters you will win. 

Naturally, the more symbols you select (up to six) and the more you guess – the higher the reward. The win rates of all symbols are summed and calculated before you place the bet.

You can see the chart with the potential prizes per symbol below:

Is Provably Fair? 

We have seen many gaming models during the years, and there were only a few that were provably fair (no matter what the big letters on their website said). really has something good going on, as they do not use any random generators but the real hex generated by the actual ETH miners. This leaves no space for any shady activities and makes the whole system provably fair, as no one can tamper with the entire ETH network.

Deposits and Withdrawals 

Even these features were simplified to the maximum. In order to make a deposit, all the user need is to have enough ETH in the wallet. And when it comes to the withdrawals, the prizes are credited automatically to the wallet after each bet. 

Jackpots at

Ethex really excels when it comes to Jackpots. There are in total four different jackpots – daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal. In addition, there is one chance-based Superprize! Whenever you bet, your selection is automatically included into the jackpot draw, even if you didn’t win at that particular bet. 

Here’s a chart with all the jackpots and the amounts available at Ethex:


If a user manages to guess all of the last six symbols of the hash, it automatically clears all the amounts stored on both Ethex Lotto and Jackpot smart contracts. 

When it comes to Superprize, the amount will be paid approximately every 150,000 blocks (on average six months) and each payment will be increased by 10 percent compared to the previous one in order to avoid adverse effects of the inflation.

Quick Info About

Smart Contract Source Codes:

Languages: English
Provably Fair: Yes
Mobile Casino: Yes
Contact Information and Support: Live support (chat) or email:

The website also has a nice FAQ page for all those that need help with getting their way around or simply want to know more about the system. 

Check the FAQ page here:

Countries Supported doesn’t list any restricted countries on their terms and conditions.

You can also contact customer support to check if you can play or not from your country. Pros

  • Provably Fair
  • User-Friendly
  • Automated Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Frequent Jackpots
  • Excellent Support
  • Fun Trollbox Cons 

  • It offers just one game (although a good one)
  • The prize pool is still fairly small


In a nutshell, is a refreshingly fast, user-friendly and fluent casino. They seem to know what the community wants, and they are giving it to them, which is really nice. 

The jackpots are great, and the game is fair and easy to play. The nice addition is the trollbox which was introduced after the users expressed the wish to be able to chat with other players while waiting to see did they get the hash right. All in all, this ETH lottery website stands out from the crowd and for a good reason.

This is definitely a recommendation from us. Now, let’s play guess some hex, shall we?



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