A Trader Has An Amazing way Of Trading During The Quarantine

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How He Saved Time & Money By Using This Strategy

Even if you weren’t successful in trading manually with all the charts and indicators that you have studied, Gunbot would work for you! Whether you are a Beginner Trader or an Advanced Trader, it can help you trade in the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, BitMEX, OKEx, Kraken Futures, KuCoin, and many more. It’s easy, determine your trading strategy, and Gunbot will do the trading for you 24/7. Let me explain.

Gunbot Trading Software

What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is an advanced crypto trading bot that runs on a local computer or your server. It automatically checks if specific criteria of the cryptocurrency you are trading. It monitors different things like price changes, patterns, indicators, etc. After all, trading is satisfying conditions by examining the price movement by historical price charts to form an accurate prediction, why not make it automatic?

Imagine if you are a day trader, you have to look at charts continuously, and it could be tiring. Why not have software where you could input your trading strategy that suits your style? Whether you want to be a day trader, swing trader, or any strategy, you could input your style with Gunbot.

What are the specific advantages of having an automatic crypto trading bot?

  • Emotionless Trading. It encourages discipline over emotions.
  • The bot runs 24/7. You can take advantage of the time where you aren’t looking at charts like sleeping, bonding with family, etc.
  • You can have more time in your hands.
  • Monitor and trade different markets in different exchanges
  • The execution of trades is faster rather than when you are trading manually.
  • Telegram integration – It notifies you in real-time when trades are executed.
  • TradingView Add-On – Gunbot can execute trades using email alerts from custom strategies from TradingView

With these features, it would be sure to have more consistent trades with the possibility of monitoring multiple coins with only one software. You won’t need anything else. It has built-in multiple strategies that could work after installing the software. The use of Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, RSI, you name it! It’s in Gunbot.

If you’re the kind of person who understands the importance of community and how sharing strategies of profitable trades work, then you are on the right track because Gunbot has amazing members that understand the importance of software that is backed with a community.

With this in mind, today is the perfect opportunity to check Gunbot out with the upcoming Gunbot Permanent Tournament 2020 in OKEx with up to 50,000 USD in prizes

  • Monthly Prizes with a Jackpot Prize
  • Daily Rebates 
  • We are sharing strategies, and more!

Today is the perfect time to get your Gunbot! Feel free to message us for more information!



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