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The Most Powerful Automated Crypto Trading bot

Discover Automated Trading with Gunbot.
This is the sure-fire way to save time and execute trading strategies with consistency. 

Monthly and Lifetime licenses are available and updates are free.

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Innovative Automation

Never miss out on any trades

Set your trading strategy and let Gunbot do the rest.
Make the most of your valuable time while staying on top of the market 24/7.

Tested Trading tool by Professionals

Excellent Trading Tool for All

Find yourself trading for the first time? Or are you an expert?
What would it be like if you can do more?
Unlock your full potential with Gunbot with all the tested trading strategies.

Excellent for beginner traders and experts.

Limitless Capabilities  

Unlock the full potential

Run as many instances as you can with multiple exchanges.
Backtest Trading Strategies in TradingView to visualize your chosen strategy.

Unlimited trading pairs. Dynamic Strategies. Confirming Indicators.

Choose your Gunbot

Deciding on the right Gunbot plan is key to aligning with your trading goals and preferences. Whether you’re starting, looking for long-term commitment, or seeking ultimate flexibility, we’ve got you covered

Why choose Gunbot?

Gunbot Values your Privacy

The software runs on your PC, and Gunbot doesn’t collect any data about your trades
Sensitive information like API Secret, used for connecting to the exchange, is only saved on your computer.

Gunbot Trades for you 24/7

Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and unpredictable. You could expect massive price movement in a short time. 
Take advantage of trading bot, and it can be used while manual trading as well.

Gunbot Community Support

Don’t be shy about asking questions. We have all been there.
If you get a license, you would automatically be included in the Gunbot School. 
This is where you could ask anything about Gunbot.

Getting Started with Gunbot

Be Competitive with the Market

Installing Gunbot in 5 Easy Steps​

Trading is made easy with Gunbot with Automated and Manual Trading using the GUI.
You could maximize your trading opportunities, 24/7

Step 1

Download and Install Gunbot

Gunbot works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspberry Pi.
Gunbot is portable. No additional steps are needed once you have unzipped the package.

After running the application, you can access the graphical interface with a browser.

Step 2

Connect to the Exchange API

To connect Gunbot to your chosen exchange, you would input your API Key and Secret.
For security reasons, this data stored on your local machine. 

Make sure that the API key you created at your exchange is allowed to read the info and execute trades on your behalf.

With the Gunthy Licensing System, you don’t have to worry about changing exchanges. You could swap your current license to another exchange without a fee.

Step 3

Select Trading Pairs

Gunbot can trade any coin in your specific exchange.
For example, you could trade these pairs simultaneously,  USDT-BTC or BNB-ADA, and there are no limits to the number of pairs.

Select coins that have liquidity and volume. In general, check the price movement of a specific coin or choose the Top 10 Volume of USDT pairs. You could do this automatically with AutoConfig.

Step 4

Configure a Strategy

You can create custom strategies with Gunbot using TradingView.

Mix and Match strategies with different buy methods and sell methods.
Beginner Friendly with strategy presets that work out of the box.

One important thing to consider in the strategies is the Trading Limit. This setting will indicate how much funds you are going to risk per trade.

You could do manual trading and let Gunbot calculate your average bought price then sell for profit. The capabilities are endless.

Step 5

Start Gunbot

Once you Start the application, you could now relax. You could focus on optimizing your trades instead of manually entering your orders. 

Utilize the valuable time you are going to save from the repetitive task of trading. You could use this time to learn about the market and get more profit.

You can also set up your Gunbot to send notifications of trades to your Telegram. You will never miss out on your trades. 

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Have questions or Inquiries about Gunbot?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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