The most powerful automated trading Tool

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emotionless trading

No more rule breaking with your trading strategy. Fear and Greed are in your control. Perform trades precisely without emotions affecting your judgment.

flexible strategies

Select from the preset trading strategies or create your own. Mix and match strategies to your liking. Strategies in TradingView could be utilized and make it automatic with the TradingView Add-On.

24/7 Trading

Set your trading strategy and never miss out on Trading Opportunities. Make the most of your time and let Gunbot trade for you.

community centered

Once you are a Gunbot User, you will be included in an Elite Room where you could discuss strategies, events, and opportunities alike. We listen to your suggestions.

Use Gunbot as your Professional Trading Tool


The #1 Crypto Trading Tool

Fully Automate your Crypto Trading using Gunbot. Automated trading on Spot and Margin Exchanges easily. Take advantage of trading 24/7, even while you sleep. Gunbot is NOT a subscription.


Arbitrage Trading for Crypto

Fully Automated Triangular or Quadruple Arbitrage Opportunities. Take advantage of unbalanced markets without the need to check the price direction of crypto assets. If there's an opportunity, it exploits it.

Market Maker

Liquidity Provider and Profitability

The Market Maker bot is one of the pearls of Gunbot: using a staggered orders strategy, independent from the market conditions, the Market Maker bot provides liquidity to the market and profits to the trader.

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become an affiliate and earn revenue

Earn commissions with every sale when you refer a new customer. Support the cryptocurrency space by inviting beginners and experts to the crypto trading world.

Feature Information

The license system for our products is powered by an ERC-20 utility token called Gunthy.

In order to run your Gunbot, you need the equivalent amount of tokens to run your specific license. Each license type would receive a corresponding amount of Gunthy Tokens for free. This provides monetary value to the license, makes the license secure, easy self-swapping of API keys to a supported exchange.

Feature Information

Trade up to 1 Exchange

With the API Slot System, you could update your license keys anytime and switch to different exchanges with no additional costs.

Feature Information

Gunbot Starter Strategies are Emotionless, Gain, and BBTA.

You could mix and match these three strategies to your choosing.

Feature Information

No limit to amount of trading pairs. You can use an unlimited amount of trading pairs across different exchanges.

Feature Information

Receive 24/7 support whether it’s for setup, licensing questions, strategy, we’re here to help you out.

Feature Information

Includes all Gunbot strategies, which you could mix and match depending on you want for your trading.

Feature Information

Confirming Indicators can be added to your strategy to make yourself more secure with trades. This is another indicator to further confirm your trading whether you form a Divergence or Convergence to your strategy.

Additionally, with the built-in strategies in Gunbot, you could add other confirming indicators like Stochastic, Stoch-RSI, RSI, ADX, and more.

Feature Information

Price Trailing could improve the Entry and Exit points of the trade.

If the price of your trading pair moves in one direction, it would keep trailing until it moves against the direction within a specified range. Holding your position for a better Entry/Exit to the trade.

Feature Information

Use Gunbot for Margin Trading in the supported exchanges. Expect more soon

  • Binance Futures
  • BitMex
  • Kraken Futures

Feature Information

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a highly effective method to profitably trade pairs when prices start dropping.

Automatically average down assets, bringing down the average cost per unit when prices drop after a regular buy order.

Feature Information

Reversal Trading (RT) is a Gunbot Technique to accumulate more units of the currency after the price moved downwards without investing additional capital

. Trading Fees are calculated as well.

Feature Information

With AutoConfig you can automate config changes for Gunbot.

Options range from automatically adding trading pairs to dynamically adjusting trading strategies based on conditions you define.

  • Scan exchanges to automatically add pairs based on your own filter criteria
  • Scan exchanges to remove pairs from your config
  • Change the strategy for active pairs
  • Complete automation for pair specific strategy parameters

Feature Information

Trade up to 3 Exchanges simultaneously.

With the API Slot System, you could update your license keys anytime and switch to different exchanges with no additional costs.

Feature Information

With the use of TradingView, you could backtest your strategy before using it.

  • Save time and learn Gunbot quickly with the use of Backtesting Add-On
  • Optimize Settings of your strategy
  • Trade alerts

Feature Information

Trade up to 5 Exchanges Simultaneously

With the API Slot System, you could update your license keys anytime and switch to different exchanges with no additional costs.

Feature Information

Use Gunbot to execute trading alerts sent from a custom strategy at TradingView.

It works by listening to incoming emails from TradingView, when an alert comes in Gunbot will immediately execute it.

You can also use Gunbot in a mixed mode where it listens to incoming alerts and processes a native strategy simultaneously. This way you can, for example, buy using an alert and sell using Gunbot trailing.

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